The Unmentionables

Grew too fast;
Never will be
a kid again.

Hand held charms,
blowing wished
days along.

You cleansed traces
of wonderment
from me.

I left it all behind
when we hung
our clothes

on shag-

Pooling our differences as one.
Liquid flowing under
the same boat.

No longer docked
at bay but now
anchored at sea
where I can
no longer find
the dock again.

At sea, at bay.
I trusted you
with vital parts of me.

One fascinated with colors
and shapes until it all was
indistinguishable as one.

Never believed
you had to buy
what you touched –

until I found
myself broke

Embracing embarrassment
in linen sheets harboring
our China patterned cries.

They’re all I
got to keep
of you.