The Fall of Icarus

Don’t push yourself up.
Bury your head in me.

I said I’d carry you to the end of this earth but
Feel nothing but guilt for letting you go.

I cannot let go of the way that pain burns.
I’ll never look up the way anyone could’ve looked up to you.

Though, you weren’t meant for this world.
There’s no difference between boys and girls.
It’s in the way that you live your life and
The way that you handled sacrifice.

From fear comes the need to disconnect
And hate breeds discontent.
We’ll line the way with another stone plaque
Where the blacktops cease to wind,
Where you will sleep tonight.
Forever in terra firma.
Close your eyes because the light is too bright.
Closed your eyes so that you may never see the light.

Leave alone the sun.
Leave it alone son.
It’ll burn you up.
It burned you up.

When you shut your eyes for the last time,
Where was I? Where was I?
I disappeared. I ran away.
I’m never there when it matters most.

This is my lament.
Please don’t fall asleep on me.