Subtle Breathes Exit a Disheartened Smile

Words are useless
on the printed page.

Life proves
more disheartening
in the Cyberia
in which we live.

Detached from you
by the one thing
we have created,
all that we have
to call our own
becomes something
that we never were,

My heart beats faster while
my intentions are
misconstrued, as my
thoughts have always been.

Your deafening response
changes the meaning
of truth. it is pure;
not to be veiled
by a pleasant face
or another’s sorrow.

We are birthed into a world
of concrete structures,
where the past is
remodeled as often as
the aesthetic of beauty
and that is where I must stay.

You are radical and
uncontrollable desire.
I am sullen sighs
subduing the beatings
of a naive heart.
Nothing more was
ever meant to
come of that.

The sequence of our
lives overlapped
in the innocence
of what we mean.

I wanted to
hold on, to
take you in
and make you –
your words,
your touch,
your pretty face –
a part of me.

You struck accord
with my soul.
I reached myself
into you as
you moved into present tense.

Your words are
my intentions.
I have seared
myself into you.
I am real.
Take me in.

I would let you
sleep to watch
your illuminating

Someone so gentle
can only be so fragile.
I would take
the utmost care,
as if it
were my own,
because you are
a part of me.

Your tension is
merely my release.
Do not deny the
truth anymore.