Sandcastles for Sconces

eins. my lunar disconnect entered on the eve of sublunar
discontent. here, zugzwang was a waning victory for the both of us,
eventually. “carpe diem” she said to me, fueling the disgust of
latin and philosophy in one breath. and i was breathless. she seized the
day for both of us, and it was barely noon. above all, she hid it so well
in the little gucci bag for which she pawned her soul. it was black
leather and very well matched the tar of my lungs. so, i pulled a pack
from my pocket and offended the revelling virgin guests and their three
olive martinis. on the deck it was with me, away from the kettel one
and cocktail onions. i was better off there, they assumed, in the

they made pretty pictures of the stars:
and i could see all of these pictures in my head. for each picture was a
word and i made all the words in conté crayons and cardboard cutouts.
simple, brown, and home. a sixteen issue subscriber to the future
homeless of america. it’s because i never
liked olives and always spilled my martinis on the ground. those glasses
were meant to be carried by flats who walked around with books on their
heads anyway.

zwei. “so what’s up with me and you?” i heard him
say to her from an open window off the balcony. silence ensued. was it a
horrible memory of four score and thirty degrees past that triggered the
silence? or, maybe she just did not answer. she knew i was within
earshot. the crinkling of cloth suits and zippers made me cringe. i
always knew she was one of them. i, both judge and victim of this unseen
case. i have been found guilty of infinite counts of trust and closely
admiring physical beauty. she never understood the sublime, let alone any
of its arguable authors. he was a barbar, bursting with the virtual
inability not to trip over his words with a tongue meant only on which to
chew. they were destined for each other. i am combrouse and it was just
that simple.

a quick discourse on why they are not the blind leading the

when a man (man meaning a man or a woman) loses all trace of his (his
meaning his or her) physical sight, or any other senses for that matter,
the remaining senses heighten in their ability to function. the person
becomes extremely conscious and aware of his surroundings. his powers of
deductive reasoning and logic are normally at their peak and, in many
cases, the person is abnormally intelligent.