Innocence and Candor

I’m so lucid I drown inside myself. I can see through my intentions into a world of lurid betrayals and sweet denials. Travel south
and escape the distance of angst. I’m rationale and innocence all wrapped into one. I am the most experienced and complex of fools. solid on a foundation I cannot call my self I fall into a dimension where time does not stand still.

The hurt you have caused is insignificant in comparison to the hole you have left inside yourself. Your innocence sickens me. You hide your head behind a cloud of smoke, hoping that they will lose you in the fog. All you lose is yourself. Succumb to the temptations of your surroundings. become a part of all that engulfs you and blend back into the wall. Haven’t we all faced these tribulations? Grow up. Twenty years is too much to waste on wanting to be for one day.