Forever Dusk Tonight

Overtones escape our sweet lullaby goodnights. Trading kisses into my most lucid state of affairs. The kindling twilight of dawn awaits us at a distance tonight.

We attach words to the meaning of the heat in friction. The rising sun binds us in gleaming eyes so bright as the last of first nights dims. But no-one can escape distance. Close your eyes and I will keep you safe forever. Patience. There’s comfort in the warmth of your arms. Something I’ve missed for endless years on. Secrets I never kept. I read your dreams on giant smiles. Your thoughts are giant. Your dreams are art. Unconscious self-expression pales my planned words in hopes that tomorrow may never come. The breaths of overwhelming passion in our communion, and this taste will never leave my tongue.

Something shared between us I could never explain; our night. As unique as each ray of sun brightening your face; brightening my
happiness until reality sweeps you away. still you leave with gentle kisses promising the luminosity of today.

Further days sit in retrospect, on paper. I will never capture your beauty the same way again. Satisfaction runs it course. No one can ever
take away what I’ve been privy to share with you.