Broken Days

I am here alone. wa(i/s)ting my life away.
Your constant obsession has occupied my time.
My heart beats gently as I search, in
disappointment, for your lack of control.

I am under your spell. My time is irrepressible.
As each second passes, I fade closer to the night.
Fade to black. I am at your every command.
Waiting in the shadows, to hold them still and keep them at a distance.
It is over now. I can tell by the lack of breath in my lungs,
the hesitation between heartbeats. It stems from a power to will,
something I lost a long time ago.

I have never had such a want to be so alone; such desperation
holding the links between broken days. i am torched by my own self.
I stand beside you and empty all but my sorrow into your hands.

I hold back on the one treasure I keep, desires locked safely on a shelf.
Now I ask, is there a use for it anymore? Not a sole response.
You take me back twelve years of time, when I cannot find myself.