You either win or you learn

Everybody hurts, sometimes. So hold on, hold on; well, as long as it’s not during the waning minutes of the Super Bowl.

Forget about that call, though. Forget about the fumble, the terrible field conditions, the play of Avonte Maddox, and Quez Watkin’s impersonation of Nelson Agholor. It is all in the past now and all great athletes know how to put the past behind them and focus on what is in front of them.

That is exactly what Jalen Hurts does with such mature poise. Let’s follow suit and focus on the bright future of the Eagles.

Hurts put the team on his back, even with a bum shoulder, and carried them to within three points of a Super Bowl victory against an elite team with a quarterback in a league all his own. They put up 35 points against the Kansas City Chiefs, the most points any team put up against the Super Bowl champs all season.

When all was said and done, league’s top quarterback, Patrick Mahomes, had high praise for Hurt.

At only 24, Hurts was within reach of finding himself as one of the youngest QBs to win the Super Bowl. That would have put him on a list alongside Tom Brady, Russell Wilson, Ben Roethlisberger, and Mahomes.

His quest for the Vince Lombardi trophy and greatness is just beginning. When all is said and done, Hurts will likely find himself in the annals of history with Brady, Mahomes, et al. and he will have the support he needs to get there.

The Eagles will have turnover this season and lose key players and coaches. Such is the way of things but there is no reason to think the sky is falling. Howie Roseman has become a wizard at finding and acquiring the right talent at the right time, which includes the two top tier wide receivers, A.J. Brown and  Smith, who are still under contract.

Among Roseman’s slick maneuvers, he acquired the first round draft pick of the New Orleans Saints, giving the team the 10th and 30th first round picks.

James Bradberry has one foot out the door already and the Eagles have the opportunity to replace him by targeting a cornerback with the 10th overall pick. The team is predicted to pick a corner with one of their first round picks and a running back with the other. CB takes precedence right now but, if Miles Sanders finds a new home, that plan may change.

The organization has a history of finding terrific talent in the second round as well. Working backwards, some of the these picks include Landon Dickerson, Jalen Hurts, Miles Sanders, Dallas Goeddert, Zack Ertz, LeSean McCoy, and more. The Eagles could very well leave draft night with nearly a handful of prospects already ready to make an impact on the big stage.

These prospects will develop under the leadership of Hurts, imbuing them with an undeterred work ethic and a sense of accountability that will jumpstart their development.

Even if the Eagles have some holes to fill to start next season, there is no reason to think Howie Roseman, who signed Linval Joseph and Ndamukong Suh in the middle of the season, will not fill in those gaps.

The past few years have been very productive for Philadelphia teams. The Eagles went to the Super Bowl, the Phillies went to the World Series, the Union made it to the finals, and the 76ers are the fourth best team in the league.

Thinking optimistically, it won’t be long before Chuck Fletcher, the Flyers GM, will be fired soon and the team can finally make some progress.

The city may very well be entering a golden age of champions and that is more important than one blown call in the Super Bowl. Sit back, relax, and enjoy.