Hand to Mouth

By the crowded garage Adjacent a strip of stores The puddle put out a cigarette I was without a jacket Or hooded sweatshirt In the dense rain, under grey skies You insisted we had pure bliss Does that ring true in this abyss? Does this really seem like How we should persist? Running blindly with …

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Come Out Swinging

Off the blacktops Of the roadways Rises a white fog That’s visible only When headlights pierce it Another product of These Mid-Atlantic summers The extremities’ ice Creeps slowly back As you drag your feet Through the mist Like skulking or shoegazing And the hems of your jeans fray Under the soles of so worn-in sneakers …

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Exit Existing

Sunny days give me funny dreams and all I know is that I can’t stay with you. Just give me time to think about what’s happening, about why you’re saying goodbye. Wish me luck and I’ll keep you in my thoughts.

Diaphane, Adiaphane

Say what it is you need to make you feel like you can do anything. You can be anything. Hold on tight and we’ll get through this. Rest your head, please do. Womb of sin, why in? It’s a gate or a door, dear. If you should sleep, I hope that seconds turn to days …

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Nothing on You

Hey, don’t you know that a plateau, I’ll continue to act much more than ambivalent, in the hopes that you might just forget that if I’m not around, I know I’ll be found out. I’m telling you the truth; I got nothing on you. Hey, I don’t know if the facade has grown, but I …

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A Machination

I am not a fixture. It wouldn’t be that simple. I’m anachronistic and I am listless. What a waste, you think that I given in on the fight. What a shame, that I can’t sustain the presence of mind to keep you entertained. Yeah, yeah, clichés. You got bored and I got lucky. I know …

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This is a Process

Kill the mind and the body will follow. Flip the switch and both will fall. When you speak only in generals, it’s a complex, it’s not complex. You’re so Socratic. It’s copacetic, get it? Leave it be, you’ll get it eventually. You will, you might, if you can, we’ll know. Sly and stumbling, sensing disappointment, …

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A Conversation Debased

He said, “I don’t want to be complacent again, but I want to feel anything.” Something, anything; a part of being passionate. And I wondered how you could ever be made to feel complacent, you intense being. To whom are you lying? There’s two of us here and I can see right through you, chasing …

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Under your Feet

Have you thought what it might take? Can you recognize the straw that made it break? Wear your heart upon my sleeve, wear my heart under your feet. Drink myself a drunk, social. You know I aim to please, or not at all. Like waiting up for your call, I’m setting myself up for the …

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