December 2000

Winner Takes All

You’re making the rules for the game. It’s always the kids in the back of the room that control the pace and play. Everyone’s got their own friends, because we all like to pretend that it’s not a game, but it’s just another stupid game that doesn’t make a difference anyway. Don’t take yourself so …

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Books in boxes, hand held in hand. The picture’s still on the nightstand. Knees held tight and laughing hard; it’s just something to occupy your hands. It’s criminal but not mastermind. Keep on trying until you get it right. Test the waters, press your luck, pat the pocket, light the match, and step safely back …

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Falling and Failing

I’ll admit it makes me happy if you want to be around me but we know our lives won’t end if nothing happens to begin. Guess I want to keep you close and I want you to know I really do care about you. A kiss is just a kiss, it makes little difference if …

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