September 2000

Within a Second

“Enlist the cat in the impending class-war.” -The Weakerthans  “Fuck off,” she said to me as the fridge door slammed shut behind her. Fuck off? What did I do to deserve this? absolutely nothing the last time I checked. she was always telling me that I could never understand her problems; that there was a …

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An Incandescent Blindness

The vague languid lushness in tomorrow’s eyes can only view the world as dying. We are all tuned into the silent frequency of junk which only leads to more junk. The frequency broadcasts from AM to VHF and all patterns in between but we tune it out like static; afraid of what the potential of …

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It makes you feel alone, actions speaking louder than words, a tainted gesture, a pitied comment, knowing that no one is inside of you. Wantonness turns sour, turning wonderment into sorrow; hearing that the point is that there never was a point.

Hypothetically Speaking

The sky was filled with bitter icicles dripping down in all of their sadness. Rain drops like tears from the cold black sky absolving me of all my sins. Autos trolley by on guard rails and medians. Their cryptic howls tell me that I am not alone, but we are not the same in the …

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Swallow these words lost in you. One ears seeks the other. Left your mark on me, the inferior. Find me in the corner pushing out the seems.

Fourteen Again

Broken branch dreams collide as I fall blind to myself, singing along for hope in the shadow of your words. Tracing jaded memories for promises of your lips when all the time they were inside. Tear-dripping snow in the solace of winter wiping away the tears that close your eyes. Drag me on to long-winded …

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For No One, Too

Fragmented thoughts like broken mirrors each one representing a little piece of an entire picture so hard to see but still it is worth putting the pieces back together regardless of slack tongues dragging across the ground and sleepy eyes so unwilling to open that may never see the picture at all but each broken …

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For No One

He never could quite get the words out, although she thought that sometimes he said them all too well. Perhaps he didn’t know what they’d mean, but he knew the’ve already meant more than anything ever has. So, he held her hand tight, stared deeply into her eyes, and opened his mouth. Out came the …

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Forever Dusk Tonight

Overtones escape our sweet lullaby goodnights. Trading kisses into my most lucid state of affairs. The kindling twilight of dawn awaits us at a distance tonight. We attach words to the meaning of the heat in friction. The rising sun binds us in gleaming eyes so bright as the last of first nights dims. But …

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